Poldervaart Pharmacy is open 365 days a year, 24/7 and is situated inside the Vlietland Hospital, next to the hospital shop at the main entrance. In the hospital you can find them by following the directions located at the main entrance.
Poldervaart Pharmacy provides you with a free delivery service. Self-care medication that has to be paid for doesn't apply to this service. For more information about Poldervaart Pharmacy, go to www.apotheekpoldervaart.nl
Besides Poldervaart Pharmacy, following pharmacies are open Saturdays only
  Woudhoek Pharmacy, Scheepvaartweg 65 - Schiedam - 10.00 am untill 2.00 pm Tel: 010-4703141
  Hoylede Pharmacy, de Loper 18 - Vlaardingen - 09.00 am untill 12.00 pm Tel: 010-4743408
  Rijnmond Pharmacy, Schubertlaan 1 - Maassluis - 10.00 am untill 2 pm. Tel: 010-5912209
  All pharmacies have an electronical connection with the other pharmacies in the region, so your own pharmacy always knows the latest update about your medication that have been distributed by another pharmacy. By using this the pharmacy can check if the medication that is provided by the pharmacy, doesn't interact with the medication you may already use. This is only possible when you give permission to your pharmacy. For more information, look at www.ikgeeftoestemming.nl. Also, click the button Access.


Emergencies at weekends or weeknights?

010 - 249 39 39

  Only in life threatening situations press 1.
Keep at hand:
  *  citizen service number
  *  additional insurance information
  *  current medicines overview
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