Emergency always goes first.
We try to help everyone as fast as we can, but the urgence of the illness is leading. Someone who comes in later, may be seen by our GP sooner. We ask for your understanding.
  At our emergency GP facility we treat each other with respect.  
  We respect everybody, no matter where you are from, your religion or your gender. We expect the same from you. If you believe you are not treated respectfully, you can report this at our desk assistent. We don't accept any verbal or physical violence, theft, weapons and drugs, abuse of alcohol or sexual harassment. Our facility is not responsible for any damage, loss or theft of your belongings. Instructions of our employees must be followed. Only two supervisors may accompany the patiŽnt to our wating room.
  If you don't respect our house rules:
First you'll get a warning. If you repeat the unwanted behaviour we will contact the police and you will be denied access to our facility. In case of vandalism or inappropiate touching we always contact the police.
Emergencies at weekends or weeknights?

010 - 249 39 39

  Only in life threatening situations press 1.
Keep at hand:
  *  citizen service number
  *  additional insurance information
  *  current medicines overview
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