A visit to our facility has no consequences for your own risk of the insurance company. If you are being referred to the Emergency Room, you have to pay from your own risk.
  All costs for contacting the Huisarstenpost, including telephone conversations, a consult with our doctor or a home visit, are charged directly to your insurance company.
These costs apply to the basic insurance.
  If you do not have insurance or if you are insured abroad, you’ll need to pay using pin or cash.
Afterwards you will need to verify yourself where to reimburse the costs.
The following rates are applicable as of July 1st 2017:

  Telephone consultation/prescription
€ 25,00  
  Attend consult
€ 84,97  
  Home visit
€ 127,46  
If you have any questions about your bill, you can contact the financial administration. See contact page.


The GP is the possibility to pin.


Emergencies at weekends or weeknights?

010 - 249 39 39

  Only in life threatening situations press 1.
Keep at hand:
  *  citizen service number
  *  additional insurance information
  *  current medicines overview
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