Everybody has medical problems sometimes. In 10% of these cases, patiŽnts need the help of the GP. Most problems resolve by itself. It is not necessary to call the Huisartsenpost with every medical problem or injury. You can try to solve the problem on your own. This is called self-care. If self-care doesn't solve the problem or is not possible, the Huisartsenpost may be called.

To help you with your self-care, the website Thuisarts.nl is developed. Thuisarts.nl gives you reliable and independent information of your GP about health and illness.

Thuisarts.nl is an initiative of the Dutch GP association ("Nederlands huisartsen Genootschap, NHG). This is a scientific association of the Dutch GP's. The NHG develops nationwide guidelines, training for GP's and GP-brochures and gives public- and patiŽnts-information at Thuisarts.nl and in patiŽntfolders.


You can download this app in the App Store or Google Play Store (Dutch only).


Soon available
Videoconference with the GP on duty.




Emergencies at weekends or weeknights?

010 - 249 39 39

  Only in life threatening situations press 1.
Keep at hand:
  *  citizen service number
  *  additional insurance information
  *  current medicines overview
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